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Acadia is great at taking my concerns and what I wanted to work on and making adjustments to my training plan as needed. Very quick communicator and easy to implant plans. Gave me advice and helped with my motivation when races were cancelled. I would definitely recommend her to others who are looking to improve their running.

Phoebe London

An excellent coach! Acadia took me from my first half marathon all the way to finishing my first 100-mile race. She's especially good at working within schedule restraints or other limits to build a training program that works for you. 

Peter Daniels

I cannot recommend Acadia and Canyon Wren Coaching enough! For almost a decade I've been discouraged to set ambitious running goals because of my schedule, persistent knee pain, and honestly, I just don't like running very much.
After a mere month working with Acadia, the combo of strength training and easy runs has made my knee pain disappear (yes, disappear!), Acadia designs weekly workout plans that push me just enough and accommodate my schedule, and most importantly, I am actually ENJOYING running. If you've always wanted to up your running/fitness game or see what you're capable of, Canyon Wren is the place for you.

Hannah Perls

Working with Acadia surpassed my expectations. I learned so much about running, and my body and how to improve my running form, in such a short amount of time. Her communication is clear, and easy to understand. I felt comfortable and it was great to feel free to ask so many questions I had been afraid to ask others before - she was non-judgmental and so very approachable. I can't wait to work with her again ... she was simply the best of the best!

Patricia Lee Rhode

Acadia is such a thoughtful coach! She beautifully intertwines science-backed approaches to coaching and workouts with realistic expectations for life and balance outside of running. I felt supported and uplifted the entire time Acadia was coaching me to run my first 100 miler - she goes above and beyond to check in and give athletes what they need to grow. 

Effie Drew

Acadia was so great helping me recover and get back into running after having my 7th baby. I was feeling discouraged but she kept me going and helped me ease back in!!! She took time to talk to me and help me understand how to manage my postpartum issues and build strength and endurance. 

Colleen Smith 

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