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Whether you are training for 13 or 100 miles, Canyon Wren Coaching can help you reach your goals. With a background in midwifery, I specialize in the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum athletes.


Acadia began running in 2015 to explore her new town and stay active during the rigors of midwifery school. In the fall of 2017, she ran her first marathon and quickly followed it by a 50k and 50 mile race in the spring of 2018. During a long training run in the mountains she began dreaming about how she could incorporate running into her career and the idea of Canyon Wren Coaching was born.

Acadia firmly believes that pregnancy is not a disease and that people with low-risk pregnancies can, and should, continue to exercise throughout their pregnancy. The proof is in the research with lower incidence of hypertension, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and postpartum depression found in pregnant athletes.

As in her midwifery practice, Acadia centers her athletes in their training plans, paying special attention to how to make it all work while having busy lives. The relationship between coach and athlete should be built on trust and mutual respect so that every decision is made with the health and goals of the athlete in mind.

Acadia is a Certified Professional Midwife, Wilderness EMT and UESCA Certified Running Coach. 


"If you choose your own path, you will be met with calm and sunshine as well as storm and clouds, but take on the challenge because the reward is great. Wade through rivers. Climb steep hills. Stay hungry. Keep cool and good-natured always. Possess courage and ingenuity. You will endure to the end. Stake your claim."


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